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Why People are Signing the Ban the Bag Petition

Why People Are Signing
  • about 24 hours ago

    It is only a small step toward making the city and hopefully a better place, but it is a step.

  • about 2 hours ago

    Reduce our waste!

  • about 1 hour ago

    We should be leading on this issue.

  • about 2 hours ago

    Because I would like to see this happen all over the world and especially in MA. A ban in NYC would be a great first step. Plastic bags are evil.

  • 36 minutes ago

    YES! ban the bags, its ridiculous how they are used momentarily, and last and last….

  • about 8 hours ago

    Ban the bag, New York City —- send a powerful signal that your great city is an environmental leader.

  • about 1 hour ago

    I use them for hours or minutes and they stay around for centuries!! That’s enough of a real reason for me.

  • about 2 hours ago

    For a week I watched a baby hawk struggle with a plastic bag stuck around his leg. ENOUGH!

  • about 2 hours ago

    I am sick and tired of seeing D’Agostino plastic bags in the trees on 3rd Avenue and 35th Street. My other reasons are obvious. I never take plastic bags.

  • about 1 hour ago

    If we don’t stop now, these plastic bags will smother our grandchildren’s planet.

  • 27 minutes ago

    In this day and age plastic bags are no longer useful there are many better eco friendly alternatives. The world is littered with plastic bags!!!!!!

  • about 1 hour ago

    I, too, watched that baby hawk struggle with a plastic bag wrapped around its leg. It was heartbreaking and I will never look at a plastic bag the same way again.

  • about 1 hour ago

    Paper bags are ruining our environment, and the problem is easily solved. We are way behind the curb. New York City should be a leader, not a follower.

  • about 2 hours ago

    This is a small thing that we can all do to help reduce plastic litter. We can do it.

  • about 1 hour ago

    Fledgling RT Hawk at Bobst Library in Washington Square Park ensnared by bag.

  • about 1 hour ago

    Because it’s the right thing to do.

  • about 1 hour ago

    I’m tired of constantly begging cashiers to NOT give me plastic bags.

  • 22 minutes ago

    Plastic waste in the oceans kills 1.5 marine animals every year. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is growing. People don’t need to put the one item they bought at the deli into a plastic bag. They are overused and incredibly wasteful.

  • about 2 hours ago

    As a native New Yorker, now living in Michigan, I am painfully aware of the wildlife issues that these bags pose. Not to mention the unsightly bags fluttering all over tree’s and in the streets. It’s time we found another alternative.

  • about 2 hours ago

    All plastic bags need to be banned! We need to protect our wildlife in the city and on the water, they are what makes the city so amazing and special!!

  • about 1 hour ago

    NYC can be the ground-swell to rid the nation of this menace. I love NYC

  • about 1 hour ago

    It is so easy and it has important impact

  • about 1 hour ago

    We must care about our environment for both ourselves and those who come after us.

    "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb

Ban the Bag

Today, Manhattan User’s Guide is officially launching its petition to the NYC City Council to Ban the Bag - reducing or eliminating our reliance on the plastic shopping bag.

If you support the idea, we’d really appreciate it if you’d take a moment to be one of the first to sign the change.org petition. This is something we can do. With your help. 

Ban the Bag Petition


Dear Frackactivists and Friends:

In New York City today, the last hearings will be held on the New York

State Proposed Gas Drilling Rules.  New York State was the first state in

the union to pass a moratorium, and lead the way in protecting its

citizens, so it’s critical that we get as many people to this hearing in

support of a Ban on fracking and expose this negligently flawed document!

If you are in the area, this is your last opportunity to come and comment

in person!

As it now reads, the draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact

Statement does little to protect New Yorkers from the dangers of gas

drilling and extraction. Whether it is the lack of defined disposal methods

of the toxic wastewater or the inadequate buffer between drilling

operations and water wells, whether it is the loophole allowing companies

to hide what chemicals are in their frack fluid, or it is the deplorable

lack of a Public Health Impact Study, the dSGEIS is not

acceptable. Fracking is intrinsically contaminating and no amount of

regulations will ever make it safe.

*NYDEC Hearings TODAY*


Tribeca Performing Arts Center

199 Chambers Street

New York, New York 10007

*1pm-4pm OR 6pm-9pm*